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With a sound that could be described as 'VWOORP VWOORP' and a small wind coming from seemingly nowhere, a blue police call box materialises at precisely seven o'clock. The Doctor bounces out to find her passenger for the night, one James Norrington, who did not present himself immediately.
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The Doctor wakes up. Under normal circumstances unremarkable except that (a) she's lacking in usual clothing, (b) she's not in her TARDIS, (c) there's someone else in bed with her, and (d) she doesn't quite remember how she got here.

She rolls over to investigate the other person in bed. "..." Insert Gallifreyan swear words here.
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Oh look, the Doctor's LOL'ed again.

EDIT sort of thing:
I have also decided that since now the Doctor is male and has a sword, it is a very good time to set his technically first/chronologically second adventure as Merlin and defeat of Morgaine.


Dec. 4th, 2006 04:16 pm
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Since Eleven hadn't had an LOL yet, and I never got around to writing a Regeneration scene for her, I am solving both of these injustices in one go: for the next day or so, Eleven will have forgotten everything back to the time when she regenerated from Ten to Eleven.
Because I am evil and my poor pup gets to live through the whole I'M A GIRL WHAT THE HELL I CAN'T BE A GIRL thing twice.

With thanks to this LOL.


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