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“This is going to be brilliant! Family outing! I mentioned the games, right? Lots of games, with balls and anti-gravity targets, and overpriced handmade jewelry and suspiciously greasy foods, just like a proper festival should be! Just stick with me, we’ll have a marvelous old time! What do you want to do first-


....Clyde, Maria?




It’s my own fault for letting a speedster into the TARDIS, really. Wonder if he's reached the barbed-wire gardens yet.”


“Dennis! ...Dennis?”


“This is nice, isn’t it? Just the fresh air and the flowers and that very nice big explosion over that way that-



Now this is just getting ridiculous.”


“You’re not going to leave me, are you, boy? No, you aren’t, because unlike all my other companions, you’re going to obey me when I say to stay with me, aren’t you? Aren’t you?


Where’s that dog whistle when I need it?”


The Doctor eyed Mr. Bimble woefully.

“Do you know, I think you’re the only companion who’s ever payed attention to me even the slightest bit when I told them 'don't wander off'?”

Community: [ profile] theatrical_muse
Prompt: 236 - What does respect mean to you?
Word Count: 193
Author's Note: In order of appearance: The SJA crew; Bart Allen (er, no comment.); Dennis Creevey; Ace; K-9; and Mr. Bimble.
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Having a row with your TARDIS is not an advisable thing to do for many reasons, one of the least of which is your TARDIS could make it very difficult to locate your own bedroom. You could be unceremoniously dumped into the heart of a sun, for example, or tossed into the middle of a civil war over the rights of jellyfish to bear arms. The thing was, after finding herself in the Cactus Room for the twenty-second consecutive time, the Doctor was simply not awake enough to consider how lucky she was her TARDIS had not chosen a more painful avenue of revenge.

“All right,” she finally decided, “if you’re going to be petty about it, I’ll find someplace else.” Gathering up her dignity, she marched towards the Console room.

After a few minutes, she climbed out of the pool and dripped chlorinated water all the way to the back door.

And so it goes. )

Community: [ profile] theatrical_muse
Prompt: 222 - sleeping on the couch
Word Count: 863
Note: With apologies to [ profile] ki2k for not getting him in the text. He's in between the lines, schlepping the Doctor from location to location, and she appreciates it muchly.
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You are standing on a beach.

There are seagulls swooping and looping through the air, chasing and racing each other for potential food sources, floating in the water then suddenly taking off for better vistas, all the while squawking at each other noisily. For a minute, you are content to just watch their antics, taste the cold salt air on your tongue, and listen to the ocean rush against the shore.

A scattering of pebbles hitting the water catches your attention, and you trace their origin to a figure wearing a familiar bomber jacket adorned with pins balancing on a cropping of rocks. “Ace?” you call.

“Yeah. Who else would I be?” she answers, picking her way to you. “Are we ready to go, Professor?”

'Go?' you echo, perplexed. 'Go where?' )

Community: [ profile] theatrical_muse
Prompt: 209 - What are you afraid of?
Word Count: 945
Note: With special thanks to Hilary and Megs for betaing and being generally awesome.


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