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So, it's that time of the year again. Yes, the pathetic begging "oh gods I can't live without my icons and I have no monies" time.

-But I bring a music video to soften the blow!

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I said this back when the new Doctor was first announced, but given my recent quietness, I feel the need to reiterate, especially given my recent fail in writing: I'm not going to stop writing my Eleven.

That said, she's officially AU now for which Rusty is making me grateful, and I'm waiting on new canons to decide whether to write any of Matt Smith!Doctor into Claudia Black!Doctor. WE SHALL SEE. At the moment, though, I'm thinking her divergence point is The Waters of Mars, possibly even with a quiet blackout of some of the, er, odder elements of RTD's reign. I'll probably be experimenting with that in the future.

And maybe find her an RP! Who knows? Also, because I have this giant post already, and I've been ridiculously missing my icons, if anyone would be willing to give an icon addict her boost? I actually have extra userpics bought for her, because of a Thing, but I can't swing the paid time which is really sad. D:

/begging in the Cone of Shame

Also I have this timeline of her fics for me to tweak into a proper timeline thing in the future.

A fic timeline, of sorts. Also pictures, because I love you all. )
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(1) Service Anouncement: if you ever think that bronchitis lark looks fun and maybe you should give it a try? Don't. Really don't. Just sayin'.

(2) Begging: D: D: D: D: Eleven's paid account expires on the 10th which is v. v. sad and we would both adore if any kind soul could help, on account of my lack of monies. There is even a complimentary thank-you gift in the form of this handsome file cabinet!

(3) MEME! From Dennis! )
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It's that time again, I'm afraid. Yes, the begging time. Unfortunately, chemistry sort of took my imagination for begging funtimes. So, um, yeah. Kudos if you decifer the above without use of the periodic table, but there's one here if you need it. (Hint: Two of the letters need switching, for lo, I could not find an acceptable substitute.)

But, yes! If Chemistry geekery is not your cup of tea (Mole Day is 6:02 AM-6:02 PM Oct. 23! Eat avogcadros! I SWEAR THAT'S ALL.), there is a rather lovely Claudia vid (not by me, alas, though I have one in the works) for your viewing pleasure.


Pleeeeease do not let Eleven's pretty icons go away! *puppy eyes!*

...Wow. Okay. Eleven's paid account was renewed by a lovely anonymous LJ fairy, and she actually, since I've checked, has the paid userpics extension through to Oct. 3, 2009, so if nobody needs me, I'll be floating away on a pink cloud of glee about now.

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So, I am a scatterbrain. Not only did I forget to put up a notice that I wouldn't be around this weekend, buuuut I completely forgot about Eleven's paid account expiring.

So: I was gone this weekend.

And: PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP ME GET MY PRETTY ICONS BACK. Because I was such a scatterbrain, I don't have anything fun prepared to soften the fact that I'm shamelessly begging you for your monies, so instead I give you


See it peeking out at you from the bottom of the image? It says, "Please don't let Eleven's pretty, pretty icons go away!"

(I'm classy, I know.)


EDIT: My apologies to anyone how had their flists killed for a few moments there. Photobucket lied to me about the size of that picture.

EDIT EDIT: Claudia's cleavage is appeased, thanks to [ profile] onlysayinghello. :D :D
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So. That time of the year again. The time when Eleven's paid account goes away, and I make sad faces into an LJ entry.

I'd actually mean to put up a post earlier, with clever poetry to soften the fact that, basically, I'm asking for your monies. I was thinking iambic pentameter, but my brain is ded of choir tonight and I can't write anything.

Maybe next time. But for now, I make puppy eyes at you worthy of Five and miss my icons.

P.S. If I have time tomorrow, I'll be more eloquent.

P.P.S. Jen is love.
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There once was a Doctor from Gallifrey,
Who knew just what she wanted to say.
She tried for a pout,
But that icon was out
Cause her paid account had gone away!

So I'm early. Shh.

It's that time again. The time when get down on my knees and beg the LJ gods and kind fairies and anonymouses and friends and all for more paid time. So please, PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE PRETTYPLEASE WITHABANANAONTOP DON'T LET THE SHINY ICONS GO AWAY!

P.S. The Doctor here. My mun wishes to bounce and beam and extensively thank the anonymous fairy who gifted me with two months of paid time (and if we're lucky, her gratitude won't inspire poetry, because I don't think her brain could survive a limerick that begins "There once was a Slitheen from Raxacoricofallapatorias"). :D

But it occured to her that her extra userpics are the two month sort that will expire in four days, and that's what she's been getting notifs on because due to a quirk of fate, her paid account time goes three days later than the extra userpics. She's very attached to my userpics. She likes going through pictures of my PB and finding very 'me-ish' expressions to icon, but she would feel like a heel if she outright said 'extra userpics plz?'. She would have boo'ed herself down in the comments with 'Let me show you my entitlement' macroes. But I'm very attached to my icons, too, so I came to tell you this instead.


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