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You are standing on a beach.

There are seagulls swooping and looping through the air, chasing and racing each other for potential food sources, floating in the water then suddenly taking off for better vistas, all the while squawking at each other noisily. For a minute, you are content to just watch their antics, taste the cold salt air on your tongue, and listen to the ocean rush against the shore.

A scattering of pebbles hitting the water catches your attention, and you trace their origin to a figure wearing a familiar bomber jacket adorned with pins balancing on a cropping of rocks. “Ace?” you call.

“Yeah. Who else would I be?” she answers, picking her way to you. “Are we ready to go, Professor?”

'Go?' you echo, perplexed. 'Go where?' )

Community: [ profile] theatrical_muse
Prompt: 209 - What are you afraid of?
Word Count: 945
Note: With special thanks to Hilary and Megs for betaing and being generally awesome.
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A sweet, heavy scent filled the TARDIS the moment the Doctor opened the door. Outside, flowers grew wherever there was room; the bushes, the trees, and the ground were covered in them, creating a rainbow patchwork that went as far as the eye could see.

The Doctor strode into them and turned for a moment to simply take it in. “What do you notice?”

Diane followed her out. Something akin to a red carnation brushed her leg. “The sky is purple.”

“Yes, it is. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” The Doctor agreed and stuck her hands into her trouser pockets. “It’s spring here. Come winter the planet packs up its colours and even the sky goes grey, but now, now is the best time.”

“All right.” Diane tugged her silk scarf away from her face as the wind blew it astray. “What are we here for?”

The Doctor rolled her sleeves up past the elbow and used her customary scarf to tie her hair back. “Gardening!”

“Gardening,” Diane repeated calmly, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“The TARDIS’s esfodelia-“ The Doctor nodded to a patch of peculiar flowers surrounding a small pond of water, “-that’s these- have hit a nasty patch. When they die, I want others ready to replace them.” From somewhere in the endless recesses of her jacket, she produced two pairs of gloves made of a clear, cool felt material, and a few gardening tools of alien origin. “As I said: gardening!”

Five Times the Doctor Visited the Third Planet of Floria in her Eleventh Incarnation )

Community: [ profile] oncoming_storms
Prompt: 1.12 - time and tide wait for no man
Word Count: 1,114
Author's Note: Firstly: Dennis Creevey (the guest star in the fourth segment) is respectfully borrowed from [ profile] kingcreevey, where I expect he will return after readings. Give the lad a hand, folks, and please throw in a few sickles to buy him chocolate frogs. Thank you.

Secondly, to clear up any confusion: The Rani who appears in this fic is the-Rani-as-portrayed-by-Suzie-Plakson, who has shown up in a few other Eleven!fics, and not [ profile] renegadeinexile. She's prettier and not ginger.
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The Doctor sipped an exceptional banana daiquiri and surveyed the crowd of upper-class individuals getting sloshed and gossiping about the latest scandal to rock their lives. Diane had easily integrated herself into a group discussing the latest aeroplanes to hit the air, and having a good time at it from the look of it. It hadn’t taken the two of them much to get into the one of the most exclusive club on New Earth, just the psychic paper and a quick raid on the TARDIS’s Wardrobe.

And it didn’t take the Doctor long to spot her quarry, a familiar ginger-haired Time Lady wearing a black dress and talking to the Duchess of Los Angeles. Anyone’s guess what the Rani was doing there, but it stood to reason it wouldn’t be good.

The Doctor made it halfway through her second daiquiri before the Rani slipped out of the crowd and through a hardly noticeable side door. The Doctor discreetly caught Diane’s attention before excusing herself from the conversation of a hopeful but boring business investor. The two tailed the Rani through several corridors until, finally, they reached a room with only one door. No Rani in sight.

Diane was the first to speak. “Where did she go?”

The Doctor ran her fingers over the walls, searching for a hidden door or even a disguised TARDIS. “No idea. Hang on a moment, I’ve got the sonic screwdriver. Should be able to use it to sniff out a door.” To her companion’s bemusement, the Doctor reached down her cleavage and came up with the screwdriver.

“Do you often keep things there?”

“Not often.” The Doctor slowly circled the room, screwdriver giving off a soft hum as she searched. “Only when there’s nowhere else to put anything.” She involuntarily glanced down at her dress, which contained no pockets. Bad design. “Aha! Secret passageway, just like in the movies!” A section of wall swung in with a soft click, revealing a dark corridor. The Doctor casually retrieved two small torches from her bra and tossed one to Diane. “Are you coming?”

“Yes.” Diane caught the torch and turned it around slowly. “Doctor, how did you fit these in?”

“Gallifreyan technology. Bigger on the inside.”

Community: [ profile] oncoming_storms
Prompt: 1.7 - my fashion statement
Word Count: 370
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The Doctor needs to be understood.

It’s a trait common to every species in the universe. Everyone needs someone to share their woes with, to connect with and finish each other’s sentences because they know their fellow so well. The Doctor is jealous, because people- all over the universe, people- are bonding and understanding, and she doesn’t have that.

continued )

Community: [ profile] oncoming_storms
Prompt: 1.8 - I need this one thing from you...
Word Count: 711
Warning: Very minute spoilerish for the end of the third season. Probably most people know it already, but there you go.

Archiving. Sorry if you've seen this already.
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A Kiss and a Rani )

Title: A Kiss and a Rani
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Eleven, the Rani
Prompt: Enemies.
Word Count: 425
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Uh. Femmeslash. *eyedart*
Summary: See Title.
Author's Notes: I use Suzie Plakson as the PB for the Rani's current regeneration.


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