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Because I was viciously held captive by a music video for most of this day by a music video and didn't write any of the things I'd meant to, I'm posting it here.

Oh, and also because it has to do with the Doctor. Contains clips from up to The End of Time, Part One, though really only spoilers for up to the Waters of Mars.

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The Doctor poked her head out of the TARDIS carefully. The distress signal she’d picked up had definitely come from here, but there weren’t any obvious signs of distress. On the contrary, everyone here seemed to be having a marvelous time.

She’d landed in an elegant restaurant, surrounded by white tablecloths and flickering candlelight over engraved golden holders. As she took this in, her eye caught on one diner a few feet to her right. His face was covered by a menu, but he looked like- but it couldn’t be, not again-

He set his menu down, a smile gracing his features. “I’m so glad you could make it, Doctor, I was worried I’d have to order without you.”

A groan. “Q. What is this?”

“Don’t tell me you’d forgotten, mon Docteur,” he pouted. “I do so hate to be forgotten.”

She crossed her arms and stared him down. “I’d have to have known about this to forget it.”

Unaffected, he smiled in the face of her glare. “Didn’t you get the invitation? No matter, you’re here now. Shall we start with an appetizer or go straight to the main course?”

“I’m not hungry.”

He pouted again. “I’m going to feel slighted if you keep this up, Doctor. Why do I inspire such distrust in you?”

“It’s a knack of yours, I suppose.”

'What would it take to overcome this wall you’ve put up between us? I know!' He brightened and snapped his fingers. There was a brief flash of light- she suspected it was mainly for show- and then they had a third guest.' )

Community: [ profile] theatrical_muse
Prompt: 208 - Four
Word Count: 709
Guest starring: the Doctor, the Doctor, the Doctor, and Q!
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In Which Dennis and Eleven Babysit the Doctor )

Community: [ profile] oncoming_storms
Prompt: 1.3 - Scary Monsters
Word Count: 231

Author's Note: Dennis Creevey borrowed from [ profile] kingcreevey with permission, and Five-Year-Old!Ten from [ profile] rude_not_ginger. Inspired by this, and Dennis's Companionverse.
With apologies to MJ for making her pup the monster of this prompt, but really, what's scarier than a five-year-old Ten?


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