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A List of Things the Doctor Has Invented, or Helped To Invent

Banana daiquiris. Possibly.
    1. I’ll have to check with France for that.

Burnt ice cream.
    1. Not as good an idea in retrospect, unfortunately.
    2. Bottom line: just not a cook.

Digital watches.
    1. Don’t leave yours on a bench pre-digital watches, even if you’re being chased by a giant Quartz monster.

Feather boas.
    1. Again, not as good an idea in retrospect.
    A 2. Seems to have taken off, though.

Lightbulb, the.
    1. You didn’t really think Edison did it on his own?
    2. Who do you think said that quote about finding all the ways not to make a lightbulb, then? Honestly. Use your head.
    4. Could be a little more sonic next time.

Snog, mid-danger.
    1. Just because I didn’t patent it doesn’t mean I didn’t invent it.

Snog, post-danger.
    1. People are so untrusting these days.

Snog, pre-danger.
    1. Well, I might have had a little help with this one.

Sonic screwdriver.
    1. Just sonic enough.

    1. Original version unfortunately was two lenses that blocked out virtually all light, which wasn’t nearly as helpful as I thought it would be.

The little umbrellas you put in drinks.
    1. That was all me, actually. One of my better ideas. :D
    This list.
      1. Could have been a little more sonic.

    Word Count: 209ish
    Community: [ profile] theatrical_muse
    Prompt: 325
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