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As I attempt to bring myself to go back to editing a paper, I post memes!

α. Request any fic of mine and I will provide you with a commentary/annotations, like a DVD extra. (I'll admit: mostly I'm curious if anyone WANTS commentaries.)

...Oh, also. For reference. A fic timeline, of sorts. I haven't gotten around to adding anything new to it, and I'm pretty certain I left off some things by accident, and a couple by design.

1. Who are you?
2. Yay! How long have we been RPing together?
3. What was your first impression about our RPs? (i.e., were you nervous, intimidated, disappointed, impressed, amused, annoyed?)
4. First characters we played together?
5. Most amusing scene from one of our RPs?
6. Most depressing?
7. Sappiest/most romantic?
8. Cutest couple from our RPs?
9. Cutest friends?
10. What's your favorite character that I play? Why?
11. Least favorite? Why?
12. Something you'd like to RP/see happen in an RP with me at some point (no matter how random!)?
13. Name a song that reminds you of one of our couples/one of my characters and why you chose it.
14. Anything in particular that makes my style of RPing stand out from others'?
15. Anything I could improve on?
16. Character of mine you'd like to see more of?

γ. Trufax, I actually memorized the Greek alphabet. Because my Physics teacher threatened to have us hold matches and not let us blow them out until we'd recited it from memory. ...I don't do fire, so I can recite it really fast.


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