Jan. 25th, 2010

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I like to think that, over my years, I've developed my sartorial taste to something of an art form. Still, even artists could use some feedback, on occasion.

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:: Select 5-10 first lines from your fic/etc
:: Post them, exactly as they are, punctuation, italics/etc, and all
:: Challenge your flist to write a drabble or ficlet with the same first line in the comments
:: Have fun with what people come up with!
:: Repost at will

1. Time doesn’t run linearly, of course.

2. Their relationship is like a dance, twisting, turning.

3. There was absolute silence in the TARDIS.

4. Little known fact: days on Yestiran are about 6.5 billion times shorter than the days on Raphleton, which makes them about 6.022 times ten to the 23rd times longer than the days on Tw’ilek, which doesn’t actually exist anymore since they were destroyed by some... Death... Moon... or something, but their time measurements are the same size as human hours, just starting from a different point and counting from the beginning of their civilization instead of starting all over again with every day, like on Earth.

5. Having a row with your TARDIS is not an advisable thing to do for many reasons, one of the least of which is your TARDIS could make it very difficult to locate your own bedroom.

6. The thing about the door was that she couldn’t remember it ever having been there before.

7. It’s like the woods from a storybook, she decides, only more.

8. You do not worship at any one altar.

9. You find her on a planet that shouldn’t exist.

10. TAPE #K9950073(BW)

S: I still have dreams about him, sometimes.

I waffled about 10, but it was an awesome format and resulted in one of my favourite fics, so. I DARE YOU TO WRITE IT.


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